Cars Winter Checklist

There are few things that needs to be checked before we think of driving in snow. It helps us to be prepared, minimize the roadside risk and inconvenience in the mornings. Driving in winters are uncomfortable but it’s also dangerous if not prepared , here are some tips that can make your winters season driving SAFE:

Car Winter Checklist

  • Battery and charging system – Get you battery and charging system checked by a technician. Well maintained and charged battery is important before starting an engine in wintry weather.
  • Engine horse – A visual inspection is important to check if there are any leakage, cracks or loose lamps in the cooling system hoses.
    Tire type and tread – To have the best traction control in winter season, changing all four tires to snow tires is important.
  • Transmission brake and power steering fluids –  Make sure to check the fluids level are at or above sale level. Check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels – antifreeze is a substance that protects your engine from freezing during winters.

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  • Use winter windshield wiper fluid – Using winter windshield fluid in essential because its not the same as windshield fluids used in other weathers, winter windshield fluid defreeze the windshield quicker.
  • Switch to a winter-grade oil at your next oil change – Oil change is useful for operating a vehicle in the winters, when chilly weather begins to set in, you should consider switching to an oil with a lower chilly weather viscosity grade. If you normally use a 10W-30 oil, switching to 5W-30 at your next oil change for the winter is a good move.
  • Replace dirty filters –  engines running poorly is less efficient and burns more gas.

Following these winter driving tips are a good method to stay warm and safe in the freezing weather and avoid the mid-trip breakdown.


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