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Looking for “body shop near me”? The Probst family has been working on collision-damaged vehicles since 1955 and we’ve heard and seen it all. Some people say that “a wrecked vehicle can never be the same.” Well, we don’t agree. We believe we can restore your vehicle to a safe and enjoyable condition.

From insurance companies to medical care, you can have a lot to deal with. Here at Probst Collision, we will walk you through each step and ensure you have an accurate and fair written estimate for your collision damages. We are a high-quality body shop near you.

When it comes to insurance, you get to choose the body shop, not your insurer. Your insurance company will usually have a list of recommended collision repair shops. You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired and are not required to use one they suggested.

Some of our body shop repair services include:

  • Full auto and truck collision repair
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Surface refinishing and paint blemish repairs
  • Auto and truck spot repairs
  • Complete body and frame straightening services
  • Driveline
  • Fiberglass
  • Suspension
  • Air bag repair
  • All electrical repair
  • AC and cooling
  • Interior
  • Insurance claim guidance
  • Frequent communication

We also specialize in air bag repair after a collision. It is crucial to have your air bag system checked and repaired following a collision. Air bags are a life-saving technology and if the system is not properly repaired, there could be devastating consequences if you are in another accident.

We have more than 50 years of experience in automotive repair. We will properly diagnose your vehicle’s issue and expertly repair it.

Auto repair near me: Probst is your stop

auto repair near me

Probst Collision offers certified auto body and collision repair service center in New Lenox, IL, serving the local area including Joliet, Mokena, Frankfort, Manhattan, Chicago, and southwest Chicago suburbs. We have been been serving the area since 1979 and been in the business of repairing collision damaged vehicles since 1955. As you contemplate your decision as to what shop you wish to have your repairs completed by, please remember this: In this ever increasing world of unaccountability, we are accountable to one person… YOU, our customer, not your insurance company. You have the LEGAL right in Illinois to have your repairs performed at any shop of your choice. As you search for auto repair near you, we’d like to help you find more information about our services.

Auto repair near me: Probst Collision Repair

Being involved in a collision can be a frightening and traumatic experience. Here at Probst Collision, we want to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible. We strive to provide repairs that meet or exceed OEM specifications with the latest technology including our Spanesi resistance spot welder, MIG welder from HTP, and conventional MIG and TIG welding machines. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Dent Repair

Car dents are unsightly and, unfortunately, hard to avoid over the life of your car or motorcycle. Fortunately, our professional dent removal services can get your car looking like new again. We employ three methods (depending on the severity) to remove dents from your car: Paintless Dent Removal Services, Inside Dent Repair And Dent Pulling, and Professional Dent Repair. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Mechanical Repair

Unfortunately, automotive repair is necessary over the course of a vehicle or motorcycle’s life. In order to keep your vehicle in the best condition, you need a reliable and expert professional to handle your mechanical repair services and needs. We offer collision and non-collision related mechanical repairs including: Suspension, Driveline, Cooling, Interior, Air Bag Systems, and Transmission. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Automotive Repainting

Probst Collision offers color matching for any of your paint-job needs. We only use the highest quality materials and our refinish crew technicians are certified in the latest industry practices. All of the technicians in our shop have ICAR, ASE, and/or Manufacturer training in their area of operation so you can be assured your vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition. In addition to paint repair, Probst Collision is also proud to offer motorcycle custom painting. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Air Bag Repair

Having your airbag system checked and repaired after a collision is critical. Air bags save lives and if the system is not properly repaired, the consequences could be severe if in another accident. At Probst Collision, we strive to ensure all mechanical repairs are performed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Let us make sure everything is in working order and keep you and your loved ones safe. More:


Questions to Ask Your Auto Insurance Agent Regarding Your Coverage

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

In this post, we list questions to ask your auto insurance agent regarding policy coverage and repair methods should you have to file a claim.

We are always happy to help you with your insurance company and dealing with issues. Our mission at Probst is to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible


As today’s vehicles get safer and more sophisticated, the procedures to repair them have significantly changed as well. Many companies have fallen behind the times.

Your auto insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and as such, you have specific rights within that policy.

The insurance company is obligated to make you whole within the specifics of the policy and you are obligated to compensate your chosen repair facility for the repairs performed on your vehicle.


With that in mind, here are some essential questions to ask of your auto insurance agent prior to ever needing to file an insurance claim.


If your current insurance company cannot give you satisfactory answers in writing, you should entertain looking for one that can.

1: Does my policy coverage allow a repair professional to repair my vehicle following the vehicle manufacturers’ repair procedures in regards to safety?

2: Does my policy coverage allow a repair professional to repair my vehicle following the vehicle manufacturer’s repair procedures in regards to performance and functionality?

3: Does my policy coverage allow the use of new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?

4: Does my policy coverage require used or non OEM parts?

5: Do repairs following my policy coverage retain all of my original manufacturer’s warranty?


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Feel free to talk to us at Probst Collision if you have any questions


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Five Things That Ruin Your Car’s Resale Value

customization that ruins resale value

customization that ruins resale value

Want to ensure you get the most value for your car when it comes time to sell? Don’t do these things…

By  PAUL CHOI for Driving

Some of us buy a car with the intention of keeping it until it’s run into the ground. But, inevitably, real life gets in the way and we’re forced to sell, whether it be trading in for a bigger vehicle for an expanding family or just upgrading for status’s sake. It’s in times like these that your car’s condition suddenly comes to the fore, and you may not be prepared for the harsh realities.

What you end up getting for your vehicle depends largely on what you did with your car and how well you’ve kept it. If you’ve done any of the following, it might be best to start addressing them before putting your car up for sale.


No maintenance records

car maintenanceKeeping all documents related to work done on your car is always the best policy.

One of the surest ways to get the maximum value for your car is by providing documented proof it was well taken care of. Dealer invoices, work summaries, and receipts of all oil changes and regularly scheduled tune-ups and inspections are a no-brainer for getting full asking value at selling time. Otherwise, a prospective buyer is basically buying on faith that you didn’t cheap out on oil changes.

A good buyer will probably insist on an overall inspection of the car anyway before laying any money down, but handing over all the necessary documents will go a long way to easing his or her mind. While we’re at it, disclosing your car’s accident history up-front, and detailing the repairs, will prevent some nasty surprises in the bargaining process. Honesty is always the best policy here. Related: Collision Repair


Tinted windows

Contrary to popular belief, not everybody likes tinted windows.

A general rule of thumb for retaining resale value is to keep your car as close to stock as possible. Yes, it’s boring, but it ultimately means maximizing the pool of potential buyers when it comes time to sell. One of the ways you begin to shrink that pool is by tinting your windows.

Sure, the reasons for doing so may be innocuous: tinted windows look sexy and mysterious; it keeps the interior cool on hot summer days; it protects your privacy. But, surprise, not everybody shares the same appreciation for tinted windows. And potential buyers are also probably aware overly darkened windows can be a magnet for the local constabulary.

In Ontario, for instance, the Highway Traffic Act states “the surface of the windshield or any side window to the left or right of the driver cannot be coated with any colour spray or other color coating in such a manner as to obstruct the driver’s view of the roadway, or obscure the view from outside to the interior of the motor vehicle.” It doesn’t say to what degree of tinting is allowed, so, really, it’s up to an officer’s judgment whether a tint-job is in violation of the law (in other words, if he can’t see you, you’re most likely going to get fined – up to a maximum of $500). Naturally, that kind of risk will turn off most potential buyers, who’d rather not go through the hassle of de-tinting the windows after purchasing a new car.


Lowered car

Lowered car, lowered price

While certain improvements can boost resale value (think roof racks or an aftermarket navigation/multimedia screen), altering your car’s suspension is probably taking things a bit too far.

Lowering (or “slamming”) a car may seem like a good idea (if you’re fresh out of high school, that is). It looks cool, fast and sporty. And it can be relatively cheap to do (i.e. replacing your OEM springs with shorter springs). But keep in mind that we live in Canada. Will that lowered profile be conducive to driving in even a few inches of snow? And just who will be looking to buy your car? Most likely exclusively young males, which, again, shrinks the pool of potential buyers drastically. Once again, follow the rule of thumb: always keep it factory.



Don’t expect that giant aftermarket spoiler to do much for your car’s resale value … or downforce.

Whether it be an exhaust system louder than World War II, or gold-plated 22-inch rims, or a spoiler that wouldn’t look out of place on a 747, all of these car mods have one thing in common: they are all overly showy. And, unless you’re the type who likes to participate in underground drag races, nobody wants a car that showy.

Ostentatious accessorizing is just plain obnoxious and can have the opposite effect on your car’s resale value by dramatically cheapening its look. Also, not many people are willing to inherit someone else’s work-in-progress, which is basically what these cars are. Who wants to deal with the headache of fixing a hastily installed souped-up exhaust kit, or figuring out just what’s wrong with the aftermarket turbocharger?

So, do yourself a favor and forgo that tempting nitrous oxide upgrade. I promise, your car will sell faster without it.


Improper light upgrade

car headlightsUpgrading your old headlamps to newer HID lights? Doing it wrong may mean blinding fellow drivers and getting yourself in trouble with the law.

Like moths to a flame, car owners are lured to flashy, new high-intensity discharge lamps (HID). But, as has been pointed out before, these brighter headlamps could get you into hot trouble, as well as be a drag on your car’s resale value. Aftermarket lights may seem like an easy route to upping your car’s bling factor, but the fact remains that if your car didn’t come with HID lights, it most likely wasn’t designed to properly handle the increased light and heat generated by these lamps.

Most aftermarket HID conversion kits are installed on the common reflector style headlamps that use mirror-like surfaces at the back to project light. HID lights installed in this housing usually lead to a bright, washed-out light and a terrible glare that can blind other drivers, as well as attract the attention of police. Potential buyers will usually know something’s not right when they test the headlights and find they’ve turned on what look like floodlights instead.


Dings and scratches

Unsightly scratches and dings can lower a car’s resale value in a hurry.

This one probably seems like a no-brainer, but fixing even minor cosmetic issues will go a long way to getting what you want for your used car. Got a scratched-up fender that you’ve been meaning to fix for a while? A couple of hundred dollars at an auto body shop will take care of it, and should make it look as good as new.

What about minor chips and scratches? Touch-up paint shouldn’t cost you more than $15 at your dealership. Doing these things will mean your car shows better in photos and in person, and you’ll make back what you spent and more when the deal’s finally closed. Related: Auto Repainting Services