How to choose the right tires for driving conditions

The Right Tires For Your Car

Choosing the right set (or sets) of tires can help create a safer, more comfortable ride in a variety of weather and driving conditions.

Which tires best match my driving conditions?

It is important to analyze your driving conditions and then pick the tires that best suit them. Do you drive your vehicle in dry weather? Or in rain and snow? Do you drive your truck only on highways, or do you also go off-roading? These tips and other similar information about specific driving conditions can help you choose the right tires for your needs.

Consider the worst possible weather conditions

If you use more than one set of tires for your conditions (for example, summer tires in summer and winter tires in winter), you can select tires that exactly meet your diverse needs. If you use one set of tires for all seasons, you may get good performance under many conditions, but you may compromise your vehicle’s performance when the conditions are at their worst. So you should consider selecting your tires so that they match the worst driving condition you expect to encounter.

Factor in your typical driving conditions

If you just drive around town, almost any tire will do. But if you drive your vehicle on congested city streets and expressways during rush hour, more responsive tires will serve you better. If you drive extensively on the interstates, you will want quiet, smooth-riding, long-wearing tires. If you drive on winding roads and through the mountains, you should consider tires with good handling characteristics.

Balance weather and driving conditions

If the worst weather conditions you’ll encounter and your typical driving conditions are similar, one set of tires will be all you need. If you live at the edge of the snow belt and infrequently get snow, you may want to select an all-season tire. If your worst driving condition, such as snow, occurs frequently and is different from your typical driving conditions, you might want to consider two sets of tires.

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