How To Prepare Your Car for Spring

Spring flowers

In this post, we review what you should do to get your car ready for spring so it is running at it’s best and protect it from future damage.

When the ice and snow have finally melted (FINALLY!) then it is time to get your care ready for spring.

The weather is going to change, the long winter is over, and your car needs some special care to run at it’s best.

Spring cleaning is an important tradition for your home, but it’s also good for your car too. It’s part of an important process getting your car ready for spring and summer that can help keep your car running at it’s best later on.

Here is what we think you should know about getting your car ready for spring weather:


Getting your car ready for spring

Wash your car

You can start your spring cleaning by making sure your car gets a good wash to remove all that salt from the winter.

It’s always good for your car to stay clean but that winter salt and grime can really build up on the underside of your vehicle and contribute to rusting and damaging your car.

Here are the DMV’s recommendations to keep your car clean from salt.

View from the rainy windowReplace your wiper blades

We know that spring means plenty of rain. Are your car’s wiper blades ready to keep you safe?

When was the lasts time you changed your wiper blades? They should be changed every year, and sometimes even twice a year.

Make sure your wiper blades are ready to protect you during harsh rainy conditions in the spring and summer.


Check your brakes

Rough winter roads and weather can really take a toll on your car’s brakes. They have to deal with extreme cold, ice and salt all winter long. This can start to wear them out and make them less effective.

Take a close listen to see if your brakes are sounding a little noisier than they did last summer. If they’re starting to sound a little scratchy, it’s time to get them checked.

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Check your alignment

Checking your alignment is simple to do yourself. You can check alignment by carefully watching to see how your car veers to one side or the other. Center the alignment while your driving at a moderate speed, then watch to see if it veers out of the center and to one side. Hitting a pothole in the center can cause your alignment to become crooked.

Getting your alignment fixed can not only make your car safer but can keep your tires from wearing out sooner.


Check your tires

Make sure to check your tire pressure. The extreme temperatures of winter can deflate your tires and you may not realize that they are running low on air. Make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure so that you can drive safely and get the best possible gas mileage.

If you are someone who puts on snow tires for the winter, then it’s time to swap them out for your all-season tires. They will wear down more quickly if you drive them in the summer.

Check your tires for worn tread and make sure to replace your tires if it has become too worn.


Check Engine Light

Check your fluid levels

Making sure your car’s fluids are all topped off is an important part of getting your car ready for spring.

Make sure to check your engine coolant so it is at the right level and helps maintain your car’s engine temperature at the proper level.

Check your windshield wiper fluid, because it tends to get used up during the messy winter conditions.

And while everything is being checked, don’t forget to check your brake fluid and engine oil too. They need to be topped off so that your car isn’t damaged by being too low.

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