You Can Be Liable for an Unsafe Vehicle

Unsafe vehicle

Unfortunately, over 2 million people in the USA are injured in car accidents every year.

Car accidents are most commonly caused by driver error. Sometimes though, accidents may be caused by an unsafe vehicle

If your car is in poor condition, you can be held liable and at fault for damage caused in an auto accident.

In this post, we’ll discuss how a poorly maintained or unsafe vehicle could cause you to be at fault, making you legally liable in an accident.


When You Are Liable for an Unsafe Car

You’ll be legally at fault in the following situations. These are all cases when you can be considered negligent by driving an unsafe vehicle.


You Don’t Maintain Your Car

Time for a spring check upIf you fail to maintain the safety of your car by getting it checked and repaired regularly, you may be deemed negligent. As a result, you’ll be legally liable for any damages.

Drivers and car owners have a “duty of reasonable care”.

This means that they are obligated to take steps to avoid harming or endangering other people. Failure to maintain a car falls under this umbrella.

Those involved in an accident can hire a personal injury lawyer to make a case against you.

Make sure that your brakes, lights, tires, and steering wheel are all in good working order. These are some of the most dangerous things to ignore on your car.


When You Let Someone Else Drive

You don’t need to be driving your car to be liable for damages.

If you let someone borrow your car, you could be held responsible for their actions while they’re driving your vehicle.

If you own a vehicle for business use, you can be held responsible for any accidents caused by employees who drive it.

You may also be liable if you are the owner of a family car, and a family member is involved in an accident while driving.


If there is ‘Negligent Entrustment’

Dog driving a carNegligent entrustment means that you allow a ‘reckless’, ‘unfit’, or ‘incompetent’ driver use your car.

If they cause an accident, you could be liable for any damages. This is not only because you have a dangerous car, but also because you’ve let a dangerous driver use it.

This would apply to the following types of people:

  • Underage drivers
  • Unlicensed drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers

Allowing someone who is too young to legally drive or doesn’t have a license to drive your car unsupervised is negligent entrustment.


Elderly Drivers

This applies to elderly individuals who would be deemed unfit to drive due to slow reaction times, sight problems, or other issues as a result of their age.


Intoxicated Drivers

If you allow someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol to drive your car, you could be liable. This could also apply if the individual is sober but likely to become intoxicated while using your car. An example of this would be if you loan your car to someone with a known addiction or history of substance abuse.


Reckless Drivers

This may apply when you allow someone with a history of reckless driving to drive your car.


Keep Your Car Safe

It’s important to keep your car in tip-top condition. Regular maintenance will not only ensure that it’s roadworthy but could also help keep you legally protected.


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