Questions to Ask Your Auto Insurance Agent Regarding Your Coverage

Auto Insurance

In this post, we list questions to ask your auto insurance agent regarding policy coverage and repair methods should you have to file a claim.

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As today’s vehicles get safer and more sophisticated, the procedures to repair them have significantly changed as well. Many companies have fallen behind the times.

Your auto insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and as such, you have specific rights within that policy.

The insurance company is obligated to make you whole within the specifics of the policy and you are obligated to compensate your chosen repair facility for the repairs performed on your vehicle.


With that in mind, here are some essential questions to ask of your auto insurance agent prior to ever needing to file an insurance claim.


If your current insurance company cannot give you satisfactory answers in writing, you should entertain looking for one that can.

1: Does my policy coverage allow a repair professional to repair my vehicle following the vehicle manufacturers’ repair procedures in regards to safety?

2: Does my policy coverage allow a repair professional to repair my vehicle following the vehicle manufacturer’s repair procedures in regards to performance and functionality?

3: Does my policy coverage allow the use of new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?

4: Does my policy coverage require used or non OEM parts?

5: Do repairs following my policy coverage retain all of my original manufacturer’s warranty?


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