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auto repair near me

Probst Collision offers certified auto body and collision repair service center in New Lenox, IL, serving the local area including Joliet, Mokena, Frankfort, Manhattan, Chicago, and southwest Chicago suburbs. We have been been serving the area since 1979 and been in the business of repairing collision damaged vehicles since 1955. As you contemplate your decision as to what shop you wish to have your repairs completed by, please remember this: In this ever increasing world of unaccountability, we are accountable to one person… YOU, our customer, not your insurance company. You have the LEGAL right in Illinois to have your repairs performed at any shop of your choice. As you search for auto repair near you, we’d like to help you find more information about our services.

Auto repair near me: Probst Collision Repair

Being involved in a collision can be a frightening and traumatic experience. Here at Probst Collision, we want to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible. We strive to provide repairs that meet or exceed OEM specifications with the latest technology including our Spanesi resistance spot welder, MIG welder from HTP, and conventional MIG and TIG welding machines. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Dent Repair

Car dents are unsightly and, unfortunately, hard to avoid over the life of your car or motorcycle. Fortunately, our professional dent removal services can get your car looking like new again. We employ three methods (depending on the severity) to remove dents from your car: Paintless Dent Removal Services, Inside Dent Repair And Dent Pulling, and Professional Dent Repair. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Mechanical Repair

Unfortunately, automotive repair is necessary over the course of a vehicle or motorcycle’s life. In order to keep your vehicle in the best condition, you need a reliable and expert professional to handle your mechanical repair services and needs. We offer collision and non-collision related mechanical repairs including: Suspension, Driveline, Cooling, Interior, Air Bag Systems, and Transmission. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Automotive Repainting

Probst Collision offers color matching for any of your paint-job needs. We only use the highest quality materials and our refinish crew technicians are certified in the latest industry practices. All of the technicians in our shop have ICAR, ASE, and/or Manufacturer training in their area of operation so you can be assured your vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition. In addition to paint repair, Probst Collision is also proud to offer motorcycle custom painting. More:

Auto repair near me: Probst Air Bag Repair

Having your airbag system checked and repaired after a collision is critical. Air bags save lives and if the system is not properly repaired, the consequences could be severe if in another accident. At Probst Collision, we strive to ensure all mechanical repairs are performed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Let us make sure everything is in working order and keep you and your loved ones safe. More:


How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop

It can definitely be stressful when something goes wrong with your car. Whether it’s engine problems or dent removal after a car accident, you want to get your car fixed right at a fair price.

How do you choose the right auto repair shop though? Every town has plenty of places to get your car fixed but it can be tough to find a mechanic you can trust. We’ve all heard horror stories about unethical auto shops. Some of us have unfortunately experienced it too.

In this post, we review tips to help you find a good mechanic for your car.


Tips for finding the right auto repair shop

  1. Our Probst mechaniics are ASE, ICAR or Manufacturer trainedAsk your friends. When it’s time to spend money on repairs, there’s nothing like a referral from a good friend who has experience with the auto shop. A lot of repair shops get by entirely on referrals. Their work is of such high quality, their word-of-mouth is enough to generate new customers.
  2. Choose a repair shop with ASE-certified technicians. The credentials and affiliations awarded to a shop and its employees help show they are professional, well trained and “on the level. Everyone in our shop has ASE, ICAR or Manufacturer training in their personal area of operation within our system of restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition. (Read: Why Choose Us?)
  3. Choose a repair shop that is clean and well organized. Cleanliness and organization are signs of a well-run business. It’s not hard to look at the outside of a business and start to gain an impression of how the place is run. Is the waiting room clean and inviting or a dirty afterthought? It helps demonstrate their commitment to quality.
  4. See how they treat customers. Are customers greeted in a friendly manner? Are they treated with respect? Do the people that work there seem to enjoy their jobs or hate being there? Sometimes a phone call to the repair shop will show you all you need to know about how they treat customers.
  5. Make sure the give written estimates. Sure there are businesses you may trust with a verbal estimate and a handshake, but when it’s your first time dealing with the business, you want to get their quote in writing. They should give you a written estimate and request your signature before they do any repairs on your car.
  6. See if they offer warranties. Most auto repair businesses stand behind their work and will offer you a warranty on parts and labor.
  7. Shop around before an emergency. Don’t wait until you’re in a tough spot and are forced to take your car to the closest shop. Ask your friends and do your research ahead of time and lower your stress and the chances you’ll pick the wrong mechanic.


Need a mechanic you can trust?

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