Things You Should Know About Collision Repair

In this post, we review some things we think you should know about collision repair after an accident.

You’ve been in a car accident. Luckily you are okay. Your car, however, is not.

Now it’s time for collision repair. You need a good local auto body shop to repair your vehicle.

If you haven’t had to do this kind of repairs before, it might feel a little intimidating. You might feel a little overwhelmed.


You get to choose the repair shop, not your insurer

Your insurance company will usually have a list of recommended collision repair shops. You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired and are not required to use one they suggested.

If the frame is damaged your car isn’t necessarily totaled

Your car is considered “totaled” by your insurance company when the estimated cost of repairs is more than the value of your vehicle.

Many people assume that if the frame of the car is damaged that it will mean the car is considered totaled.  That is not necessarily the case though.

Modern vehicles and repair techniques can restore a car frame more easily than they once could.

The age of your vehicle will be a factor in whether it is worth repairing or likely to be considered totaled. Newer vehicles will be more likely to be fixed.

There can be extensive repairs and unseen damage

Sometimes even when the damage to your car appears minor, there can be unseen damage caused by a collision.

A minor collision can still cause damage to the frame, wheels, interior or drivetrain.

Make sure you use an experienced repair shop that will inspect the entire vehicle and look for damage that may not be visible.

Your whole car won’t have to be repainted if only a portion was damaged

Modern technology used by today’s auto body shops means that if your car’s paint was damaged in only one area, that area can be repaired through exact color match painting.

What are aftermarket and OEM parts?

Original manufacturer parts (OEM) are usually higher quality than aftermarket parts. They are parts that were made for your vehicle by the manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are compatible, but they are not the same as OEM parts.


Not all auto body shops are the same

There are a lot of body shops, and not all of them provide the same level of services. Look at their Google reviews, check their score in the Better Business Bureau and ask around for referrals.


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