Winter Driving Tips You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Driving in Snow

When you live in Illinois, winter time means dealing with cold and snow.

The best way to deal with wintry conditions is to stay at home unless you absolutely need to leave.

Everyone though has to drive on snow covered roads sometimes though. It just can’t be avoided. You might drive to work in the morning and leave in the afternoon to find three inches of snow on the streets. Or you may have to pick up your kids and bring them home.

Because driving in the snow can’t always be avoided, we’ve compiled a list of winter safe driving tips below to help keep you safe.

Read these winter driving tips and make sure you are prepared for driving in the snow.

Winter driving tips

      • Always remove the snow and ice from your windows and your front and realr lights. You should brush as much snow as possible off of your hood and roof as well. This helps keep snow from blowing or sliding onto your window when you’re driving and causing visibility problems.
      • Drive slower. This should be obvious but it’s easy for people to forget. The worst the conditions are, the slower you need to go. Drive slower and turn corners slower. Posted speed limits are intended for good driving conditions and you shouldn’t consider them the same for during storms.
      • Give yourself plenty of room to stop and keep extra space between you and the cars in front of you.
      • Use brakes carefully. Slamming on your breaks is going to cause sliding. You will need more time and distance for stopping.
      • Be cautious of bridges. The conditions on a bridge can be different from on roads and can freeze more easily.
      • Be careful on exit ramps because they often don’t receive as much road salt as the main streets.
      • Don’t use your cruise control. Road conditions can change quickly and you cannot rely on your cruise settings to adjust.
      • Just because you have 4×4 drive doesn’t make you immune from conditions. These vehicles are often heavier and can take longer distances to stop.
      • Be careful around snow plows. It is not usually safe to pass them and not recommended.
      • Always wear your seat belt.

Drive safe!

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